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Spino Secco host Kristin
Spino Secco hosts Kristin and Marietta
Spino Secco host Marietta

The Story

Kristin Vanden Brul (an American real estate broker) and Marietta Nollen (a Dutch writer) met each other in French Provence in 2021 and instantly became good friends. Since they shared the dream to create the perfect getaway for people in Italy, they decided to team up as business partners. After an intense search they bought Residence Spino Secco in Mulazzo, Tuscany.


The house was already a summer holiday residence for ten years. Kristin and Marietta decided immediately to invest further in a beautiful communal space, updating furnishings and a more welcoming and stylish interior. Spino Secco is open all year-round and also welcomes groups and winter residents.

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