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Apartment Alagia has very easy access to our garden and pool area. Via a few steps up you reach a small private terrace and the entrance. With 78 m2 Alagia is a comfortable place to come home to. The apartment is spacious with two bedrooms and two baths. The big master bedroom has a queen-size bed with built-in closet & shelves. The other bedroom has two single beds which combined could function as another queen size. Both bathrooms have a shower, bidet, commode & sink. The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, stove, dishwasher & refrigerator. Dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, wine glasses, coffee maker & coffee cups are provided. The living room and dining area are combined in one room. There you find a table that could seat 6 people, a coffee/tea bar, couch, dresser and TV. The big couch is a pull-out.


The Back Story

Who was Alagia?

Alagia Fieschi (died after 1334) was the daughter of Count Nicolò Fieschi and niece of Pope Adrian V. She married Moroello Malaspina in the 1280s and they had five children. Alagia would have been forgotten if her husband had not hosted Dante Alighieri. The famous poet visited Mulazzo in 1307 after he was exiled from Florence. As their guest, he probably stayed in the castle in our garden.

Alagia and her uncle Adrian V (with 38 days the shortest reigning pope of all time) are both mentioned in Dante’s most well-known work “The Divine Comedy.” This narrative poem is an imaginative vision of the afterlife and represents the medieval worldview. The writer describes his own travels thought Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. In Purgatory he encounters pope Adrian, who was sent there as a punishment for being too worldly ambitious. In their dialogue Adrian regrets his mistakes and mentions Alagia as ‘the only virtuous woman’ in his family and that hopes that ‘she would pray on his behalf’ (Purgatorio, Canto XIX, 142-145). Of course, it was Dante himself who had this high esteem of his hostess Alagia.

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