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Apartment Ivana measures 91 m2 and will feel immediately like home. It’s a spacious, pretty, stylish and very complete apartment. With two bedrooms and two baths, it suits a family or two couples. Both bathrooms have a shower, bidet, commode & sink.

The kitchen has all the necessities for cooking including, pots, pans, tableware, oven, stove, refrigerator & dishwasher. Dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, wine glasses, coffee maker & coffee cups etc. are provided. There’s also a laundry machine.

In the living room you can enjoy your meals on the big antique table with comfortable chairs. At night you can watch a film on the 45-inch TV screen while relaxing on the huge and comfortable corner couch or vintage green armchair.

When it rains, this is the place to stay in. Choose one of the puzzles to make or pick a book from the shelves. Or maybe organize a nice dinner party. The kitchen is fully equipped, and you have plenty of room to receive guests.


The Back Story

Who is Ivana?

Ivana Zappellini is the former owner of Spino Secco. We first met her in September 2022 when we were looking for our dream spot. She was welcoming us with a glass of Prosecco in the appartement we named after her, and we felt at home immediately. Ivana’s husband, Mario Battila, sadly passed away two years before. They both are from the municipality of Mulazzo, Ivana from Groppoli and Mario from the borgo Mulazzo. They already made a career as shop owners in the mundane coastal town Viareggio when Mario inherited Spino Secco in 2011 from his uncle.

That same year a big flood destroyed the medieval communal square and washing area (now newly rebuild) and the bridge to the village (also new). It meant no setback to the big renovation ahead. The century before the building had served as a police station. One of the two prison cells are still in place in our washing room in the basement. Ivana and Mario developed the house into the holiday home it still is today and named it Spino Secco. With six apartments referring to the color they were painted in: Blue, Lilac, Cream, Lime, White and Rose. They installed the pool and made the garden beautiful.

Since January 10, 2023, Spino Secco is ours. Fortunately, Ivana stayed in the neighborhood and is now a good friend.

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