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History in the grounds at Spino Secco

Spino Secco:
history & charm

What has been over 600 years an adjacent building to the Castle Malaspina of the noble Malaspina family, is now a luxurious apartment building Spino Secco. It’s located in the village of Mulazzo in Lunigiana that once belonged to the fiefdom of the Marquises di Malaspina, who not only owned the castle but also hosted writer and poet Dante Alighieri in 1306. In his famous book La Divina Commedia, Dante refers to his host Corrado Malaspina in the verses 121-123 in the canto VIII of Purgatory.

End of an era

Spino Secco was built later, in the 15th century, and possibly used as living quarters for the same noble family, who then still owned the castle. The castle itself however was not built very solidly. The rock foundation gave way to the rain and nearby river, leaving much of the castle in ruins. The walls and tower that is left, still stands on Spino Secco grounds.  The Malaspina family later built another castle in the nearby town of Lusuolo, overlooking the valley of the Magra. The Lusuolo castle still stands today.

New beginnings

In the last century, Spino Secco was used as a police station. You still can find one of the cells in the basement/laundry room. In 2009 the house was beautifully renovated by its new owners Ivana and Mario Battila and became a house for guests. Kristin and Marietta bought Spino Secco in 2023 and have done further renovations. The ground floor has been converted into a communal area. This cozy space with its arches and solid stone walls will have all the luxury of a modern living, but also be true to its original medieval roots. The new space will be the perfect location for cooking classes, wine tastings & workshops.

We gave our apartments the names of women that had a connection with Spino Secco and Mulazzo. From Dante’s medieval muse Beatrice to the 18th century mistress of the French King Louis XV, Annetta Malaspina, to the previous owner, Ivana who is still our neighbor and friend. 

Marietta and Kristin in Mulazzo
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