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Spino Secco for Groups

If you’re planning a getaway with your family, friends or colleagues and are looking for spacious lodging for the whole group, Spino Secco may suit your needs.

Our six apartments offer – depending on the willingness to share our 2-bedroom apartments – 12 to 24 guests. The communal space Paradiso, on ground-level, is a magical spot to spend time together. By request, we can serve breakfast, lunch and dinners. We can organize activities such as: yoga, wine tasting, cooking classes, workshops, performances or a meeting room. We can also arrange bike tours, guided hikes, waterfall swimming, canyoning, boat and sailing trips.

Prices range from circa € 100 a person a night. 

Inquiries and booking? Contact us directly via 

We are ready to prepare your perfect getaway.


Paradiso is our stone arched space, with a kitchen, long dining table and lounge area. It is big enough to throw a party or dine with up to 30 people. The name refers to paradise, obviously, because that’s what it feels like when you sit under the arches in the company of nice people. And, Paradiso is the last part of Dante’s ‘La Divina Commedia’, the poet who lived here in 1307.

When we bought Spino Secco, we knew immediately that the vaulted ground floor with pillars would be the heart of our house. The cave was untouched for centuries and used as storage space. We cleared out many containers of rubbish and started renovating. Taking away cement, putting in floors, electricity, and water. Installing lights, a gourmet kitchen, wood stove and a lounge area. The salon is the ideal get together place for groups. Here, under the stone ceilings, we have breakfast and dinner together, dance, drink wine and enjoy ourselves. Separately, we have a multifunctional room that can be used for meditation, yoga, or other activities. 

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Get away from it all and take some me-time in good company.  A retreat at Spino Secco is a step away from your everyday life. We can offer many programs committed to your well-being and relaxation, while you enjoy our beautiful home, surrounded by nature and the fine culture of Tuscany. During your retreat we will take care of everything. The activities, delicious food, drinks & snacks, comfortable beds for a restful night’s sleep, bathroom facilities, yoga and/or swimming, enough free time to rest, read or chat with your fellow retreaters. 

Next retreat:
The Autumn Week at Spino Secco
OCTOBER 15 – 21, 2024

Fall is here. The trees on the mountains turn into gold. This week we want to share the beauty of our Tuscan getaway. The days can be sunny and warm, the nights cool enough to snuggle up at the fireplace in our vaulted cave ‘Paradiso’. A place where we enjoy cooking class, wine & truffle tasting and yoga. During Autumn week at Spino Secco we will explore magical Tuscany. We offer hikes in the mountains, lunch by the sea, visit local markets and experience the famous antique market in the walled center of medieval Lucca. Book this retreat as an individual and meet new people or bring your friends. 

Inquiries and booking? Contact us directly via: 

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